Fourmile Sandstone – A Quarry Providing More Than Just Quality Sandstone

Locally owned, carefully mined, masterfully cut. 

One of our newest products lines, Fourmile Sandstone, offers unique and beautiful sandstone boulders, steps, slabs, and wall block.

Beyond the product, is an impactful story – one that explains how they came to be and their plans for the future.

Formation Surrounding Fourmile Stone Quarry

Down a winding road, tucked away in Canon City, CO just south of the Nationally known ‘Garden Park Fossil Area’ is the quarry for Fourmile Sandstone. This quarry has produced one-of-a-kind, high-quality sandstone slabs since the 1990’s.

What was once under water, the stones were created by layers of accumulating sands. After millions of years, the ancient “beach front” was transformed into sandstone. As the earth’s tectonic plates collided, these sandstone plates were driven upward, creating large formations and canyons, exposing the sandstone to the elements.

Some of the quarried slabs have “ripple marks” along the surface. These markings were created by the waves of water that once existed. The sand contained many organic compounds (plant, and living organisms) that were trapped in the layers. During the sedimentary process, these organics chemically changed into iron pyrite spheres and streaks allowing for one-of-a-kind coloring throughout the quarried slabs.

Ripple Markings on Sandstone Slab

Today the quarry produces thousands of tons of sandstone for use in residential and commercial markets. The owners of the quarry have a heart for service. In efforts to help those around them, they have partnered with local churches and organizations to offer job opportunities to friends in need. Their passion for serving the community is a testament to who they are as individuals.

The Fourmile Sandstone quarry is more than just a quarry, it carries a portion of the earth’s history and a space for bettering others and their community. We’re excited to be partners with such a great company.

Fourmile Sandstone is available through every CPS branch location. Call your local CPS representative for availability and pricing.