Fall & Winter Service Offerings for Landscape Professionals

Colder weather doesn’t mean your profits need to cool down. The fall season in is a great opportunity to capitalize on sprinkler system and water feature winterization, fall fertilization and aeration, lighting and hardscape installations, clean-up services, snow removal and holiday lighting installations to keep profits rolling in while building your client base for next year.  Below are a few ideas to keep momentum during the fall and winter so you can keep your foot on the gas pedal and increase your off-season sales while building you client base for a strong start in 2020!

Sprinkler Systems

While performing winterizations, offer off-season discounts on irrigation system upgrades to a wifi controller, adding rain sensors and pressure regulating heads . Secure Spring-time startup contracts and offer diagnostics tests to optimize irrigation systems.


Late fall and winter is generally the best time to plant woody plants and many perennials. Planting in the cooler, wetter weather gives the roots time to get well established before they have to deal with our harsh, dry summer weather!


Fertilize in the Fall to prevent winter injury and disease while providing a better Winter color, increased root development, and enhanced Spring green up with improved root growth.

Hardscapes/Outdoor Living/Lighting etc.

Offer a special on installing hardscapes, outdoor living spaces, lighting, or other services that you offer to move the Spring rush business to a slower time of year.

Identify Tree Hazards

Trees are easier to evaluate for hazards when they have no leaves. Let a certified arborist handle tree issues since tree work is hazardous. Working on trees without the proper training and equipment can open your company to large safety and liability problems. Sub-contract tree work if you do not have fully trained, equipped and insured tree professionals on staff.

If you offer holiday lighting or snow removal services, use your Fall services as an opportunity to promote your off-season services. Fall is also a great time to perform some maintenance on your truck and tool fleet.

Cheers to a profitable Fall & Winter season. Check our calendar to stay up to date on customer training opportunities