Introducing DAB Pumps

Do you need a simple cutting edge pump solution for your irrigation, green house, or plumbing job?

Consider a DAB pump from CPS Distributors!

The DAB E.ASYBOX and E.ASYBOX MINI 3 pumps are an extremely quiet, VFD controlled, highly efficient, and cost effective solution that will save your company time and will exceed expectations of any customer you sell to that has a need for a pump.


No longer do you have to match the size of the zones in your irrigation system. The E.ASYBOX and E.ASYBOX MINI 3 are VFD controlled which means the pump speeds up or slows down to deliver the exact flow you need while maintaining the same pressure for each zone. Simply set the pressure on the digital display and the pump will maintain that pressure constantly at different flows. No more brain damage trying to size and pick a pump. No more pump start relays. The pumps have a built-in pressure and flow switches that sense pressure loss as soon as your valve opens. Weather that be a hand turned manual valve, quick coupler, or an electric valve. The E.ASYBOX and E.ASYBOX Mini 3 can be used either as a booster pump or to pump water from a pond, vault, or tank fitting the needs of multiple applications.


Whether you are growing flowers, plantings, vegetables or cannabis the E.ASYBOX and E.ASYBOX MINI 3 can be a versatile solution in you green house. Do you have a table of seedlings that you want to switch to larger plants that demand more water? No need to open valves or change pumps. The E.ASYBOX and E.ASYBOX MINI 3 senses flow and pressure and will adjust to the new demand while maintain the pressure you have set on the digital display. Need more or less pressure at your new flow rate? Simply adjust the pressure on the display and move on to your next task.


Does the home or Business you are working at have good flow but not enough pressure? Let the DAB E.ASYBOX or E.ASYBOX MINI 3 solve all your problems at once. These pumps will maintain the same pressure throughout the structure at various flow rates. If the kitchen sink is running the pump will deliver the consistent even pressure you set on the digital display. A toilet is flushed and someone gets in the shower while the kitchen sink is still running, the pump will speed up to deliver the higher flow while still maintaining the pressure set point. In addition the pump was designed to be extremely quiet. Most booster pumps can be heard in the house or business when they turn on, not the DAB E.ASYBOX or E.ASYBOX MINI 3. These pumps are extremely compact and can be installed vertically or horizontally, fitting into many spaces a conventional booster pump will not. Quiet and consistent performance are “easy” for these E.ASYBOX AND E.ASYBOX MINI 3.

The ideal flow rate for the E.ASYBOX is 20-22 GPM and it is 2HP 230V 1PH. The ideal flow rate for the E.ASYBOX MINI 3 is 10-12 GPM and is 1 HP 115V or 230V 1 PH. The electronics within the pumps are capable of low water shutdown, will show you how much energy you have saved versus a conventional pump, will log starts and alarms, and are compatible with smart phone technology for remote setting changes or receiving alarm alerts.

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