Reclaimed Water – the good, the bad and the solution.

Water… when fresh, is perfect for drinking. Black water or wastewater when filtered and highly treated becomes grey water also known as reclaimed water which is suitable for irrigating plant life. Reclaimed water is filtered and highly treated with phosphorus, nitrogen and other chemicals to remove the harmful bacteria and bring it back to its clear and odorless state.

Why do some cities use reclaimed water for irrigation?

Many cities are using reclaimed water to irrigate recreational areas such as parks, golf courses, athletic fields and so on. The reasoning to go with reclaimed/grey water can vary, but typically it’s for sustainability reasons and cost savings.

Is there a downside?

The downside to this sustainable and cost savings solution, is that reclaimed water can and often will weaken the overall health of the plant life it irrigates. The reason? The levels of minerals and chemicals used to treat the water can be dispersed in varying amounts causing inconsistency in the water quality which effects the soils ecosystem and the root systems of the plants.

The workaround.

Let’s talk about how to ‘highly treat’ – get it? the down side to reclaimed water.

A very simple solution: AgPro RECLAIM™

AgPro RECLAIM  is an organic detoxifying soil conditioner that helps against high sodium soils allowing for more uniform soil moisture supply in the root zone and increasing nutrient absorption. Essentially strengthening the immunity and overall health of the plant in areas where grey water is used to irrigate.

How does AgPro RECLAIM work?

RECLAIM opens soil so the salts from the reclaimed water gravitates well below the root system. RECLAIM detoxifies the soil and breaks down those harsh chemical chains while reinforcing the immunity within the root zone by building up the good bacteria. The short term benefits after using RECLAIM – you’re going to improve the soil, drop the salt, neutralize the chemical, and the plant will return to health. The long term benefits – the plants immunity increases in strength allowing the plant to become hardier and fight infection better than a plant without it and being in a reclaimed water environment that’s ideal considering the chemical added to the water is inconsistent and can often harm plant life.

By consistently applying AgPro RECLAIM you will reduce and prevent the buildup of sodium within the soils diminishing the negative effects caused by reclaimed water like dead thatch in grass and other unhealthy attributes in plant life. For best results, it should be applied once a month at 4oz per 1000 sf application during the growing season.

Is this a sustainable product?

AgPro RECLAIM is organic and will not cause damage to plant life, pollinators or animals. When you improve your soil structure with RECLAIM you allow for greater aggregation of the soil which is great for water retention and aids in the increase of good bacteria around the root zone. When we hit that dreaded dry spell in mid July the reclaimed amended soil is healthy and allows the water to be stored and not washout. Reserve capillary cells in the soil holds on to the pools of water for the plants to tap into as needed when water is not readily available.

Anything to look out for?

Mixing restriction is an important note and it is listed on the product label. AgPro RECLAIM cannot be tank mixed with a Sulfur based chemical or you risk turning the mixture into a jello-y like substance causing some expensive problems for your tank. It’s best to apply it by itself. Safety is always a priority so handle with care and wear protective gear. Don’t store RECLAIM above 112 degrees or your risk frying the enzyme in the mix, and don’t let the container freeze.

Ready to give it a go? Great! It’s on special for the month of July – check it out here