Rain Bird’s Top 10 for Smart Irrigation Month

Championing the need for water conservation technology and training, Rain Bird has shared with us their top 10 water-efficient tips and products for Smart Irrigation Month this year.

10. Tip! Learn at your fingertips with Irrigation Association’s webinar series.

The Irrigation Association continues to seek out resources for irrigation professionals to enhance their education and expertise in the industry. With a vast library of previous webinars covering a span of Irrigation topics, you can focus on the trainings you need and on your time.

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9. Tip! Water in the morning.

Water between 5 a.m. and 10 a.m.—when the sun is low, winds are calm and temperatures are cool. Midday watering tends to be less efficient because of water loss due to evaporation and windy conditions. Watering in the evening isn’t a good idea either because leaves can remain wet overnight—an open invitation for fungus to grow. By watering in the morning, you give the leaves a chance to dry out. You can set all Rain Bird clocks to water exactly when you want.

8 Tip! Water what Grows – make Sure your sprinklers are flush with the ground & clear the spray path.

Check that sprinkler heads are high enough to clear plants that may have grown taller since the system was installed.

7. Product! Rain Bird IQ Central Control

Commercial Central Control or remote water management is an easy addition to any Rain Bird LXME or LXD controller AND HUGE time and money saver.  IQ-Cloud is a cloud based service allowing users to login and control their irrigation system from any internet connected device. IQ-Cloud is ideal for organizations with multiple irrigation system administrators and/or users that require mobility. IQ-Cloud features IQ-Mobile which provides quick access to key features in an interface designed for touchscreen devices found in smartphones or tablets. Users are not restricted to an initial capacity and can add satellites at will. Internet access is required.  With the FREE advanced programming, users can use ET based programming to achieve major water savings.  EPA Water Sense certified.

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6. Product! Rain Bird Internet Connected Water Meters (ICWM)

Rain Bird takes water metering to a whole new level with their Internet Connected Water Meters.  The Rain Bird’s ICWM Series of Water Meters are engineered to measure water use with sustained accuracy at both high and low flow rates.  ICWM uses a single measuring element that can record flows that are 10 times lower than other types of water meters.  Where Rain Bird is different is the meter is internet connected giving the user a web interface for water usage data collection and analysis, including monthly water budgeting and over-usage alerts.  5-year Verizon data plan included with the cost of the meter.  If you need a tool to manage water budgets, this meter is it!

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5. Product! Rain Bird WR2 and WR2-48 Rain Sensors

With an intelligent algorithm, the WR2-48 stops irrigation after at least ¼” of rain and initiates a 48-hour delay once the rain stops. If there’s additional precipitation during the delay, the sensor restarts the countdown, ensuring the most savings possible.

Rain and rain/freeze sensors are becoming “must have” components for irrigation systems these days. Rain Bird designed the new WR2 wireless sensor to exceed the standard. With revolutionary features, this sensor saves time, improves system performance and enhances your reputation as a water management expert.  Choose your own rainfall set points and save up to 35% on water usage while promoting lush, beautiful landscapes.

With the WR2-48 Wireless Rain/Freeze Sensor delay watering for 48 hours after it rains automatically – eliminating wasteful watering.

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4. Product! Rain Bird 5000 Series Rotors with Pressure Regulation and Check Valve

Rain Bird’s flag ship rotor, the 5000 series rotor offers unmatched performance from 25′ to 50′.  Ideal for residential, light commercial and commercial applications, the 5000 series rotors give you even coverage and enduring reliability that the best contractors demand. Multiple options include: shut-off feature, SAM check valve, PRS, stainless steel, and non-potable versions. With the optional in-stem pressure regulator (PRS), this rotor will reduce the operating pressure to 45 psi for optimal nozzle performance.  PRS saves water by eliminating head-to-head pressure variations, eliminating misting due to high pressure, and improving nozzle distribution uniformity by operating the nozzle at optimum pressure.

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3. Product! Rain Bird RD Series Spray Bodies with Pressure Regulation and Check Valve

Rain Bird’s most rugged spray body, the RD Series was built with exclusive materials and features that stand up to the challenges of any setting.  Featuring a Patented, Triple-Blade Wiper Seal and unique debris pockets, these 4”, 6” and 12” spray bodies can handle some of the harshest conditions.  In addition, the spray bodies have additional features options that you can choose from: SAM check valve – reduces runoff, pressure regulation (WaterSense certified) – improves coverage and reduces wasted water, and a patented flow shield technology – reduces wasted water and provides an indicator stream.

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2. Product! Rain Bird RVAN Series Rotary Nozzles

Rain Bird’s R-VAN rotary nozzle line is engineered to deliver the most efficient coverage while making installation and maintenance faster and easier.  This low precipitation nozzle allows for water to absorb slowly in the soil reducing run-off and erosion.  R-VANs thick streams and large water droplets cut through the wind to deliver water where you want it. R-VANs are easier to use thanks to its hand-adjustable arc and radius.  With matched precipitation across radius, arcs, and all pattern types, it makes specifying and installing simple and quick.

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1. Product! Rain Bird ESP-ME3 Controller with LNK-WiFi Module, WR2 Rain Sensor, and the MJ100B Flow Sensor

Rain Bird’s most advanced residential controller yet, the ESP-ME3 paired with the LNK WiFi module, WR2 rain sensor and MJ100B flow sensor is the ideal EPA WaterSense-certified, smart controller for contractors and homeowners alike.  Using Rain Bird’s “Extra Simple Programming”, contractors and homeowners can easily program the controller with confidence.

WiFi Connectivity – By simply plugging in a Rain Bird LNK WiFi Module (sold separately), users can access, operate and monitor their irrigation system from anywhere using their smartphone. Internet-based weather information is used to make daily adjustments to the irrigation schedule, saving up to 30% in water.

Flow Monitoring – Compatible with multiple sizes and makes of wired flow sensors (including the Rain Bird MJ100B) for flow monitoring and notifications to save water and protect against property damage.

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  • In addition, Rain Bird offers a smart controller bundle with the ESP-TM2 controller that combines a six-station ESP-TM2 Controller, LNK WiFi Module and WR2-48 Rain/Freeze Sensor in one part number. One kit meets the strictest water conservation standards and saves up to 35% on water use when all three products are used together.