The Hidden Values of Landscapes: Implications for Drought Planning

Landscapes in Colorado use 3% of Colorado Water. As a result, there are fewer crimes, higher rents, children spend more time outdoors, more oxygen, more carbon dioxide, and other great benefits.

The climate in Colorado & Wyoming is in a perpetual drought state. With an increasing population (estimated to nearly double over the next 20 years), water demand will inevitably increase. As citizens and industry work together to meet the Colorado Water Plan’s water conservation goals, the steps we take now will better prepare us for future natural stressors, such as drought, flood, fire and temperature extremes, which will impact the benefits that our landscapes provide to society.

A new study from Colorado State University quantifies that Colorado landscapes use only 3% of all the water in the state, and Coloradans benefit tremendously this small investment of water resources. The return from that 3% pays tangible benefits in terms of property values, quality of life within our communities related to environmental issues, crime reduction and personal safety, health and well-being. This study proves that Colorado communities can and should preserve landscapes in the process of conserving water, and urban landscapes should not be the sole target of water reductions.

The study also provides guidance for water providers, organizations/municipalities property owners how our landscapes should be managed during times of drought.

As a proud sponsor of the ALCC, CPS advocates for responsible water usage and has developed customer training programs and product selections focused on the best management practices that address responsible water use in the design, construction and maintenance of landscapes.

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