Easy Steps to Winterize Your Irrigation Pump

As freezing temps approach, it’s time to winterize water pumps to prevent your pumps from freezing. Correctly winterizing your pump is necessary in order to prevent damage due to freezing. These simple steps will guide you through the winterization process, and will leave you feeling confident that your pump will be protected all winter long!

From Munro Pump:

Turn Off the Sprinkler Controller and Source Water Valve
Turn off the lawn controller and source water valve – break the suction vacuum.

Disconnect the Water Source.
If feasible, disconnect the water source and discharge piping.

Remove Water from Pump Chambers.
On the pump case, open both top and bottom drain valves to remove water from the pump chambers.

For Pressurized Air Systems….
If you’re blowing out your irrigation system with pressurized air, use a narrow box wrench to prevent the shaft from spinning. When the impeller spins too fast, the motor governor can be damaged.

Close All Drain Valves.
Once the water is drained from pump case, close all drain valves.

Fill Pump Case with Pump Winterization Fluid
Fill the pump case just past the eye of the impeller with Munro Freeze Defeat. This will keep cast iron pump cases from rusting and keep the impeller free for spring start-up.