Tech Tips

The FAQ’s on GeoRipper

Gone are the days of digging trenches by hand. Now you can dig trenches in a fraction of time using the MiniTrencher GeoRipper. GeoRipper uses two-stroke and four-stroke engines that are specifically designed to work in hostile environments. GeoRippers are designed to minimize downtime thereby maximizing your time on the job. Below are a series […]

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Irrigation Troubleshooting 101: Understand What You are Troubleshooting

To have your irrigation run effectively, you must have two equally important but different systems work properly: Power and Water. Water is needed for the plants to have the nourishment to grow. Power is needed to control where and when the water is applied. Water can be managed using a few or a multitude of […]

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Landscaping Safety PPE List

Supervisors in the landscaping industry must prioritize the health and safety of their workers above all other matters in their daily operations. Outfitting your employees with the proper PPE (personal protection equipment) is essential to meeting safety guidelines in the workplace. A basic understanding of industry standards and regulations will help you properly outfit your […]

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Prepare Sprinkler Pump for Winter

Easy Steps to Winterize Your Irrigation Pump

As freezing temps approach, it’s time to winterize water pumps to prevent your pumps from freezing. Correctly winterizing your pump is necessary in order to prevent damage due to freezing. These simple steps will guide you through the winterization process, and will leave you feeling confident that your pump will be protected all winter long! […]

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Success with Pre-Emergents

Success With Pre-Emergent Herbicide – Avoid Common Misconceptions to Ensure Success

There may be snow on the ground – but we all know it won’t be there for long! Our very own Mike Frank from our CPS Longmont branch has taken the time to remind us of all the Myths and Facts surrounding Pre-Emergents. Take a look! 7 Common Myths & Facts Concerning Pre-Emergents: 1. There […]

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2018 Landscaping Trends in Colorado and Wyoming from CPS distributors Irrigation Supply

2018 Landscape & Outdoor Living Trends

Exciting trends are approaching for the 2018 landscaping season, and being in the know on such trends is a good way to be a forward-thinking contractor set up for success this coming season. Great news……Here in the mountain region, where we tend to spend as much time as possible outdoors, the upcoming trends certainly hit […]

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