Winterizing, Cleaning, and Storing Atlantic Water Garden Pumps

It’s coming up on time to winterize and store your water feature pumps. We recommend that all pumps are pulled out of the water features and stored in a warm place. For the mag-drive pumps (FP, MD, TT, TW Series pumps) we recommend that you would clean these pumps at this time before storing. For the direct drive pumps (SH, PAF, A&L Series) we recommend you pull out and store in an area that is not below freezing with the exception of the SH series pumps.  We recommend storing the SH series pumps in a bucket of water to protect the seal. Below are a few videos from Atlantic Water Gardens on cleaning the mag drive pumps and winterizing water features.

Cleaning your TidalWave TT-Series Pump

Cleaning your TidalWave MD-Series Pump

How to Clean your TidalWave Fountain Pump

How to Clean your TidalWave TW-Series Pump

Winterizing your Basin Kit

How to Winterize your Pond

Winterizing your Eco-Blox Fountain