2018 Landscape & Outdoor Living Trends

Exciting trends are approaching for the 2018 landscaping season, and being in the know on such trends is a good way to be a forward-thinking contractor set up for success this coming season. Great news……Here in the mountain region, where we tend to spend as much time as possible outdoors, the upcoming trends certainly hit home as the industry will have more emphasis on creating outdoor spaces that families, friends and co-workers can enjoy together all season long. Innovation in outdoor living products and technology are creating “fully integrated, multisensory and multiuse experiences.” Top Landscape Trends for 2018 (via Irrigation Green Industry Website) Additionally, eco-friendly watering practices will continue to take off in 2018.

1. Experiential landscape design. More residential landscape feature designated areas for cooking, dining, relaxing and even working outdoors, armed with fully integrated outdoor lighting and audio/visual systems for a multisensory and multiuse experience, day or night. Office landscapes more frequently include walking and bicycle paths, dining areas, or gardens to enhance the employees’ experience.

2. Climate-cognizant landscaping. More landscapes are planned with the unexpected in mind, such as pergolas with retractable canopies that can protect outdoor areas in wind, rain and snow; outdoor heaters for patios on chillier nights; and hardier hardscape materials that can handle drastic temperature fluctuations.

3. Emphasis on water management and conservation. The integration of eco-friendly watering practices are expected to continue to take off in 2018, including the use of plants native to a region (which generally use less water), xeriscaping (planning a landscape to use low-water use plants) and smarter irrigation technology.

4. Enhanced equipment and technology. The latest yard tools on the market consider ease of use and storage while incorporating more eco-friendly innovations. Professionals are also integrating more technology such as mobile apps, 3D modeling and drones, into landscape planning.

5. Plants in playful colors and patterns. Landscape professionals expect to integrate more violets, verbena, clematis, iris and other purple flowers into landscapes. “Patterned” plants are also getting their time in the garden spotlight, as these unique plants are revered for their intricate details, such as striped leaves or brightly colored veins.

The NALP has outlined what they believe are the top 5 landscape trends for 2018 – You can read the full article on the Irrigation Green Industry website HERE.

2018 Landscaping Trends in Colorado and Wyoming from CPS distributors Irrigation Supply