Keep Your Landscape Workers Safe in the Heat

You don’t need us to tell you that temperatures will soon been soaring. While we preach smart irrigation and water efficiency during July in Colorado, one area we certainly don’t want to be efficient with water is the amount of water we put in our bodies. In fact, the U.S. Department of Labor recommends workers […]

Sustainable Solutions to Compliment Smart Irrigation Systems

You’ve installed an efficient irrigation system and implemented a solid plan for maintaining and upgrading your irrigation system to save water.  You’ve equipped your system with pressure compensation nozzles, check valves, pressure regulation devices or regulators, water-efficient rotating sprinklers, low-volume drip irrigation, smart controllers, a soil moisture sensor, and a rain sensor. You’ve implemented a regular […]

Maintain & Upgrade Irrigation Systems

Maintain & Upgrade Irrigation Systems to Ensure Water-Efficiency Research shows that landscape irrigation uses 50% or more of the water provided by many utilities. Without proper irrigation system maintenance, much of that water is lost as it never reaches its intended source due to runoff, evaporation, and deep watering below the root zone. Poorly maintained […]

Water Efficient Planting & Maintenance

Smart Planting Guidelines & Considerations for Water Efficient Landscapes Plants, trees, and turf improve any landscape by providing a variety of textures, forms, sights, and smells. Because they can provide several environmental benefits, like improved air quality, food, and shade, plants are an essential component to any landscape design or enhancement. A careful focus on […]