NALP Launches Apprenticeship Program Through U.S. Department of Labor

The NALP has launched an apprenticeship program that offers job seekers a path to a new career in the industry through a paid apprenticeship with a professional landscape company. The program is registered through the Department of Labor which provides significant state and federal funding for companies interested in participating in the program, including grants for training and equipment.

According to NALP vice president of public affairs Missy Henriksen:

Apprenticeship programs are the golden ticket to recruiting and retaining top-tier talent,” says Henriksen. “Offering an apprenticeship program gives companies a competitive edge and allows the landscape profession to be more competitive with other industries struggling for entry-level talent.

To be eligible to enroll in the apprenticeship program, companies must be in business for at least one year and will be responsible for:

  • Hiring new workers or selecting current employees to be apprentices
  • Ensuring that the apprentices are trained in the core competencies
  • Identifing an experienced mentor to work with each apprentice
  • Paying apprenctices progressively higher wages as skills increase
  • Providing necessary participant information to NALP
  • Enrolling participants and invest in the necessary required online training

Professional Landscape Companies are Encouraged to Participate; Program is Expected to be a Game-Changer for Workforce Development

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A full list of requirements and other information can be found in the NALP’s Landscape Management Apprenticeship Handbook. Interested companies can visit NALP’s website to register for the Landscape Management Apprenticeship Program.