How to Sell Professional Patio Lighting

How to Sell Professional Patio Lighting

Patio lighting is an easy add-on sale to any landscape or outdoor living project. Installation is a breeze and the aesthetic it provides captures the attention of your customer’s neighbors and friends.

Here are some quick tips on closing the sale:

Sell the lifestyle: Patio lighting makes outdoor spaces usable and inviting at times when it would too dark to enjoy the space. Patio lighting can be installed in different patterns and spacing, you can create a variety of moods to match the need – from romantic and relaxing, to festive and fun.

Take Advantage of Opportunities on Your Projects: Many outdoor gathering spaces lend themselves to easy installation of patio lighting.  Instead of letting the homeowner install cheap light sets themselves, offer professional patio lighting as an option.   For only a few hundred dollars more, your Customer gets a higher quality product and a professional installation.

Tie It Together with Other Landscape Lighting: Landscape lighting does a great job of highlighting trees and architecture, but it doesn’t always do a great job of lighting large open gathering spaces. Now with Prime Patio, you can connect patio lighting into the same 12-volt system.

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