Power Consideration for Professional Patio Lighting


An article written by Prime Patio.


Are you amidst the planning process for a patio lighting project? An important part of the planning process is your source of power. Certain things to take into consideration pertaining to power are the types of bulbs you’ll be using, socket wire type, and the location of your power source.

Bulbs and Socket Wire: The 12-volt and 120-volt bulbs offered by Prime Patio both have a different look and must be used with different types of socket wire. One of the main differences among the socket wire is the length of the strands; the 120-volt socket wire comes in 48’ and 100’ strings that cannot be cut, while the 12-volt socket wire comes in 300’ rolls that can be cut and customized. It is important to always use the correct bulb-type in the correct socket wire.

Power Source: With Prime Patio installations, you can connect and power your lights with a “line voltage” 120-volt installation or a 12-volt installation with the lights connected to the transformer. The “line voltage” 120-volt method allows the light strings to be plugged directly into a GFCI-equipped outlet and traditional switches, dimmers, and photocells may be used to control the lights. The 12-volt installation with the lights connected to the transformer method can be attached to an existing landscape lighting transformer, an upgraded existing transformer, or a new transformer installed for more wattage.

With the knowledge of socket wire, bulbs, and types of power sources, you should be able to have a better understanding for the things to take into consideration when planning for and installing Prime Patio products. With these power considerations coupled with a wholesome design, you are sure to have a successful installation of Prime Patio products.

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