Cultivation Water Requirement

The cannabis plant is somewhat misleading when it comes to the overall water needs of the plant. While Cannabis does in fact require quite a bit of water it prefers the application be across a long period of time and evenly distributed above the root base. Fortunately for growers, application options are plentiful and automation has made the waiting game not quite as painful as it used to be.

Starting from the top; Cannabis like any plant is constantly using valuable energy trying to grow a root base. To be sure there are no interruptions in growth we must provide the plant with a combination of nutrients and water. As the plant uses water to grow we are left with a depletion level that must be replenished. In simple terms the water used or burned up by the plant is the plant’s Crop Coefficient. Knowing the Crop Coefficient of many comparable species to Cannabis we’re given a value of 1.0. The Crop Coefficient combined with the environments, soon to be explained ET value, is going to help guide a grower down the path of efficiency.

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