2019 Green Industry Outlook

The Irrigation & Green Industry magazine surveyed 437 landscape contractors around the country at the end of 2018 and crunched the data to create a report on some of the hot topics in the industry. The result is a very interesting look into the state of the industry with topics ranging from employee wages to trending products, declining service offerings and top concerns of business owners.

Here’s what we found to be the most interesting takeaways of the survey:

  • The Number 1 barrier that most limits success is too much competition

  • The Number 2 barrier that most limits success is negative perceptions of the industry

  • The labor shortage continues. 2/3 reports that finding qualified workers is an issue

  • 64% of owners pay their crew members 11% or more over minimum wage

  • Top three added services for 2019: Landscape Lighting, Landscape Design Services, Irrigation Maintenance

  • Top three services being removed or reduced: Snow/Ice Removal, Lawn Maintenance, Chemical Application

  • Smart irrigation controllers are anticipated to be the gain the most traction among products for 2019

To view the full report on the Irrigation & Green Industry website, click the following link:

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Chris Cataldo

Chris is an E-Commerce specialist at CPS Distributors focused on building technology that helps CPS customers more efficiently run their business. Away from the office, you’ll find Chris hanging out with his family, climbing, skiing, working in his yard, or rooting on the Sox Pats Celts & B’s.